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Vaccine and Injection Administration

Many certified pharmacists provide vaccine and injection administration services. At Heritage IDA Pharmacy, our pharmacists can administer several vaccines. They are certified and qualified, and legally allowed to provide these services; hence it is entirely safe. Some of the common vaccines and immunization injections we administer are as stated below.


Hepatitis A & B

Hepatitis A & B are caused by infections of these viruses, leading to inflammation and damage to the liver. The liver forms an integral part of the human body; hence it is imperative to keep it healthy. These infections are generally found all around the world, and their vaccines are also used widely. Such vaccines are also given when you travel abroad. It is best to be vaccinated rather than facing severe liver issues, which in the worst case can also be fatal.


Shingles are caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. Even though you recover from chickenpox, the virus still resides in your nervous system's cells, which can lead to shingles in the future. Shingles can affect people of all ages, but it is mostly seen affecting people over 50. At Heritage IDA Pharmacy, we administer shingles vaccine to keep you and your family protected from shingles. Prevention is the best remedy here.


Travel Vaccines

Travel vaccines refer to immunizations for travel to have a healthy stay overseas. These are some of the most effective ways to keep travel concerning infections and flues at bay. Canadians are generally found to be affected by travel diarrhea while visiting other countries. Thus, prevention is always better than cure, and at Heritage IDA Pharmacy, our pharmacists ensure to administer the right vaccines and injections, considering your previous medical history. Your health is our priority, even when overseas.
Heritage IDA Pharmacy is a team of skilled, certified and experienced pharmacists who work with the main idea of promoting healthcare and wellbeing. We operate in Edmonton; if you need assistance concerning any vaccinations or injections, please reach out to us.

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