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Travel Consultation

Travel Consultation forms an integral part of every travel, be it for a vacation or study abroad. Every location has a different climatic condition and environment, and this consultation is the best way to avoid several health problems overseas. IDA Pharmacy provides several immunizations and medications depending on where you're headed. Our Travel Consultation service includes the following steps.


Reviewing Your Previous Medical History

If you opt for travel consultation at IDA Pharmacy, we first review your entire medical history. This helps us understand what kind of medication you are already on and your immunity and health weaknesses. Previous medical history is vital information to ensure no wrong medications are prescribed. Once this information is accurately collected, we move onto the next step.

Identifying the Place You are Visiting

Here we identify the place you are headed to. This information helps us identify the condition of the location you are visiting and what immunizations and medications are generally taken to have a healthy stay overseas. Every place is different, and to medically adapt to each location, requires specific health care doses.


Ascertaining the Medications Required

Depending on your medical history and information about the place you are visiting, our professionals prescribe the medications and immunizations required before travelling abroad. This is also beneficial when you plan to extend your trip as you can have medicines in stock.
It is essential to have an individual travel consultation, as everybody is different and has different medical needs. The medications prescribed to you may not necessarily be prescribed to another individual visiting the same location. That is why reviewing medical history is very important. IDA Pharmacy aims to help you stay healthy even overseas by providing the proper travel immunization and consultation. Our service is based on each individual's travel destination and health needs.

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