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Fast, Friendly Service

Looking out for the health of you and your family is the topmost priority at IDA Pharmacy. We are dedicated to providing fast and friendly medical service assistance in Edmonton. Our professional doctors' team offers expert opinions, prescriptions, and medication over the internet without the need for you to travel to the pharmacy. Our vision is to cover three whole ideas given below.


Committed Towards Each Patient

IDA Pharmacy gives individual assistance to every customer. We ensure every query of the individual is heard, and effective solutions are provided. With the shift that the world has faced in the past year, we aim to educate our customers about the prescriptions and medications they require and how they need to use them. The idea is to provide a better understanding concerning the prescriptions our customers are on.

Covering Extensive Range of Services

In the busy schedule that all follow, people often tend to neglect health because of no time at hand for self-care. Through our extensive range of services, we ensure to provide services like local prescription delivery, online prescription, vaccine and injection administration, diabetes consultation, and several other services all in one place that can be accessed over the internet.


Exceeding Customer Expectation

IDA Pharmacy is locally owned and provides personalized care to each individual. Our goal is to not only satisfy but exceed the expectations of our patients at every level. Our professionals ensure every problem is considered, and no issues are left untreated through every service we offer. We aim to promote health care, and we guarantee to achieve that goal.
If you are in Edmonton and require quick and reliable online assistance, get in touch with IDA Pharmacy. We will provide you with the best advice and services in terms of prescriptions and medications.

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