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Flu Shots

A flu shot stimulates your body to make antibodies. It helps the immune system be more robust and fight flu viruses. At times, people who have taken the shot may get the flu, but the vaccine helps the virus be less severe than otherwise because of the flu shot. This flu shot works as a prevention and quick cure from the flu virus. At Heritage IDA Pharmacy, we provide flu shots in the following ways.


Regular Flu Shot

The regular flu shot is just like any other injection. This shot is widely used and is also considered one of the best ways to vaccinate people. It is a shot given in the arm through a needle. The regular-dose flu shot is available to everyone who is six months and older.

High-Dose Flu Shot

As you grow older, the immune system gets weaker. In such circumstances, your body requires a higher dose of the flu shot to fight viruses. This shot contains four times the amount of antigen as compared to the regular shot. Thus the high-dose flu shot is recommended for people above the age of 65.


Nasal Spray

Nasal sprays are considered a better option for kids who are afraid of needles, but many pediatricians suggest that regular flu shots are the best way to get the kids vaccinated. In nasal spray, you can inhale this vaccine through your nose without the need for a needle.
Everyone older than six months should get a flu shot, but it is essential for people above the age of 65 and kids younger than 5 years. Asthma patients and pregnant women also should consider getting flu shots. At Heritage IDA Pharmacy, we administer these shots to keep you away from such viruses. We adhere to the safety and hygiene level while providing flu shots.

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