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Compounding Services

Some pharmacies, along with retail services, also provide compounding services, and Heritage IDA Pharmacy is one of them. We create custom medication from base ingredients to meet the individual patient's needs. This is required when patients don't respond to the traditional medications or be allergic to certain ingredients or simply need it in a different form. Our experts are skilled and certified to modify such medications to exactly suit the requirements of our customers. Also, there are significant benefits of compounding medications, some of which are mentioned below.


Access to Discontinued Medication

At times, large manufacturers may discontinue certain medicines' production, making it hard for those who still make use of that drug. In such cases, compounding services have proven beneficial as we create the discontinued pharmaceutical-based ingredients to ensure the patient gets the required results. Heritage IDA Pharmacy has access to high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients, providing reliable services to our customers.

Intake of Allergy-Friendly Medicines

Every individual is different and may have different allergies or intolerance towards certain ingredients. In these instances, our pharmacists recreate the medicine in question without using the offensive component, yet giving the patient the same results.


Consuming Flavour of Choice

Most medicines have unpleasant taste because of the ingredients it's made from, which may be difficult for patients to consume. Compounding service here comes to use, especially when young children refuse to take medicines. We can custom make the medicine from scratch giving it the flavour of your choice.
Apart from these, compounding services also give patients access to alternative dosage forms. For instance, if the patient has difficulty in swallowing, we modify the tablets in liquid form, making the intake of medicines simpler. Heritage IDA Pharmacy ensures to stick to the prescription and compound medications as per each individual's sensitivity requirements, choice of flavour, and preferred dosage type.

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