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Diabetes Consultation

Diabetes is the result of high blood sugar, which is a widespread problem in today's time. Even though there's no specific cure for diabetes, it can be controlled if kept a check continually. IDA Pharmacy believes the more you understand your diabetes, the better you will be at managing it, and that is why we provide diabetes consultation services. Our services include the three stated below.


Diabetes Management

Pharmacists are qualified to provide information related to various areas of health issues. We work on promoting quality of life by assisting our patients in managing diabetes. Our pharmacists ensure to provide adequate knowledge about this health issue and the importance of the regular medication to take control over diabetes. We offer a range of services to keep you stocked with medications and be aware of each medication's benefits and effects.

Prescription Services

We offer prescription services, and in Edmonton, we also provide local prescription delivery services. Depending on individual conditions, we provide a full range of insulin and keep track of your prescriptions so that you never fall short of diabetes supplies. We also provide compliance packs that systematically help you remember which medication has to be taken at what day and time.


Informational Services

Our pharmacists are highly qualified and have good knowledge of diabetes and its medications. They assist the patients with information about the benefits and possible side effects of certain medicines and various food items. They also answer questions related to insulin management, insulin pumps, blood glucose testing, etc.
Even if there is no cure to diabetes, through our diabetes consultation, we aim to control the disease, which will then go into remission. IDA Pharmacy understands the importance of controlling diabetes and is actively available to give you support.

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