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Local Prescription Delivery

Visiting crowded places and waiting in the pharmacy lines is inconvenient and a potential health hazard. The whole idea of local prescription delivery service is to help people maintain their social distancing yet have their prescriptions delivered on time. IDA Pharmacy operates in Edmonton and has taken it upon themselves to deliver the prescriptions at your doorstep locally. You do not have to come to our pharmacy to collect the prescription; we will do that for you. Three significant benefits of this local prescription delivery service are stated below.


Maintaining Social Distancing

With the ongoing pandemic, one cannot stress the importance of social distancing enough. In such circumstances, people tend to neglect health to avoid travelling and visiting crowded pharmacies. IDA Pharmacy ensures to take care of both troubles, as we locally deliver these prescriptions, eliminating the need for you to travel to the pharmacy, keeping in mind your health and safety.

Medicines are Always Stocked

All of you follow a busy schedule and often skip visiting the pharmacy due to no time at hand. However, once you fill your prescription online with us, we keep your data saved and send notifications when it is time for you to refill your medication. Your health is our priority, and hence we ensure you never run out of your medicines and get your prescription delivered on time.


Open Access to Prescription

The prescription that you submit with us can be accessed only by our professionals and you. You can access this at any time and make changes or modifications. You have control over each prescription's settings and the freedom to cancel the services at any point in time.
In Edmonton, IDA Pharmacy aims to provide effective local prescription delivery services to its customers with the central vision of promoting healthcare services right at your doorstep.

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