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Compliance Blister Packs

Compliance packing is one of our most essential services, as we aim to give our customers the ease to take medications without having to worry if they missed or skipped taking any. Many find it challenging to remember to take medicines, especially when the dosages are confusing or if they are on several medications. Through compliance packs, we systematically compile medication concerning the amount and days of dosage and time slots of taking those medications. These services will be very beneficial if you face any of the below trouble.

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Multiple Medications

At times, people are on several different medications at the same time. Every medication may have different dosages and time slots for intake. In such cases, compliance packs help to keep a check on every medicine in an orderly manner. It is an extension to medication synchronization, where the patients can pick their multiple medications bundled together rather than picking each blister or bubble packs.

Difficulty in Organising

Organizing multiple medications can be a daunting task. Also, even if you are on one single medication, there may be instances where you may find difficulty in organizing the medicine as per your daily schedule. In such cases, compliance packs have proven beneficial as they help patients adhere to their medication schedules.


Confusion on Several Instructions

Every medication has a particular amount of dosage and a timetable to be taken. This problem is more significant when you are on two or more medications. In compliance packs, each compartment states the day of the week and time of the day, providing ease and convenience on several instructions. It is also beneficial when you cannot remember if you have to take medicine or if you have already taken it.
At IDA Pharmacy, our compliance packs are systematically built to provide utmost convenience to our customers and effectively promote the importance of timely medication intake. If you face difficulty in managing your medications, feel free to get in touch with us.

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