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Prescribing Pharmacists

Prescribing Pharmacists are now established in several sectors and clinical disciplines. It is the legal authority given to certified pharmacists to formulate prescriptions. At Heritage IDA Pharmacy, our pharmacists are certified to provide prescriptions on several minor health issues and provide medicines like antibiotics, antidepressants, anti-inflammatories, painkillers, basic ointments, various nasal sprays, inhalers, drops, contraceptives, etc. We follow a rigorous procedure before prescribing the medicines, so you don't have to worry about safety or legality. The process of prescribing that is followed at Heritage IDA Pharmacy is stated below.

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Identifying the Problem

Identifying the issue at hand is essential where medication and prescriptions are concerned. Before our pharmacists prescribe, they thoroughly identify the symptoms or problems you face over the call or in-person in our clinics. Depending on the issue at hand, we then put you across a qualified pharmacist.


Consulting the Appropriate Pharmacist

We have pharmacists that have specialized in various health concerns. Depending on your problem, we connect you with the appropriate pharmacist to explain what you are experiencing and expecting. They identify your previous and present medications and help you better understand the root cause of the problem.


Formulate the Prescription

Once the health issue is adequately checked, the pharmacist then gets your prescription ready. The prescriptions are formulated based on the diagnoses. Our pharmacists and healthcare professionals are skilled and certified to prescribe medications as approved by Health Canada.
Our qualified and expert healthcare pharmacists are certified to offer information and consultation services, answer queries about existing prescriptions, and supply medicines to treat various minor illnesses. We undertake consultation and prescription services online or over the phone, keeping in mind the importance of health safety and social distancing under this pandemic's burden. In Edmonton, Heritage IDA Pharmacy also locally delivers the prescription right at your doorstep.

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