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Do You Believe These 5 Myths About COVID-19 Vaccination?

COVID-19 Vaccination

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have an end in sight, thanks to the arrival of vaccines in Canada. The country’s goal—vaccinate every eligible person by the end of September 2021—seems daunting but doable.

What’s more, COVID-19 vaccination could become part of the list of required vaccinations for travel. So, if you’re planning on going on a trip overseas in the next two years, you should be thinking of getting the shot if you haven’t yet.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of misconceptions about vaccination. As such, it is not easy to discern which sources of information are reliable. Here are some myths people believe about the COVID-19 vaccine and the truth about them.

Myth: These Vaccines Are Unsafe

Fact: Some people think that since the vaccines took such a short time to develop, they aren’t safe. Vaccination is the best way to prevent severe infections and death from COVID-19. These vaccines go through stringent review processes, and the pandemic only fast-tracked these procedures. Besides, the laboratories which developed the COVID-19 vaccines had researched related viruses. The researchers weren’t starting from scratch; they had years of study helping them.

Myth: These Vaccines Cause COVID-19

Fact: You won’t get sick from getting vaccinated. None of the vaccines authorized and recommended for use in Canada have the live virus, so you cannot get COVID-19 from receiving a shot. These vaccines protect us from getting or transmitting the virus.

Myth: COVID-19 Survivors Don’t Need the Vaccine

Fact: Vaccination maximizes your protection from the virus. It works just like the flu shot; even if you have previously recovered from a COVID-19 infection, getting vaccinated increases your protection.

Besides, there is much to learn about herd immunity and the antibodies people develop after recovering from COVID-19. For example, we don’t know how long a survivor’s natural immunity lasts, and we also don’t know how strong natural immunity is against the virus.

Myth: Vaccination Means No More Health Protocols

Fact: Without herd immunity, we cannot do away with physical distancing and wearing masks. We cannot stop the spread of COVID-19 through vaccination only. We have to keep wearing masks when around people from outside our household, wash our hands regularly, and sanitize the areas we use often.

As more Canadians get vaccinated, we can think about easing these safety measures. For now, we have to keep observing health protocols.

Myth: The Vaccine Has Dangerous Side Effects

Fact: Any vaccine has temporary side effects. These are signs that the vaccine is working since your immune system is responding how it should. However, these side effects aren’t dangerous—they will last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Serious side effects are rare, and 90 percent of people do not report experiencing adverse reactions.

In Closing: Trusted Sources

Learning about COVID-19 and the vaccines developed to fight it can lead you to sources of misinformation. To determine if a source is high-quality, you can keep these criteria in mind.

Some of the most reliable places for COVID-19 information are:

  1. Health Canada

  2. World Health Organization

  3. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

  4. Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association

Following trustworthy sources keeps your family safe. Sites that properly vet information are less likely to publish untrue, dangerous, or misleading information about the virus and the vaccines developed to fight it.


There are many prevalent myths about COVID-19 vaccines, and getting the correct information to people is essential in ensuring their health and safety. Vaccination is one of the most reliable ways to keep people safe. When you get your shot, you protect yourself and your loved ones from falling seriously ill from COVID-19.

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