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Can I Have Flu and COVID-19 Shots at the Same Time?

COVID 19 Shots

Despite the distribution of vaccines worldwide, the virus remains and is, unfortunately, evolving. Because of that, medical experts have encouraged individuals to be mindful of their health. In fact, they encouraged people to get their annual flu shot. If you are having doubts about the safety of getting the COVID-19 vaccine and flu shot in one year, this article will help you understand the situation better.

What the CDC Says

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), getting both the COVID-19 and flu vaccine can be even more helpful to a person’s general immune response. According to a new study, people who take their flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine have a 39 percent lower chance of getting a COVID-19 infection.

Moreover, since there is always influenza season every year, the best defence people have a strong shield against all kinds of diseases. Once people start to get infected by any type of virus, their immunity defence can get beaten up, preventing them from protecting themselves against coronavirus.

The CDC aims to encourage people to take their part in implementing preventative measures and reducing the combined risk of flu and COVID-19 from attacking the community. That is why the healthcare industry is doubling its efforts in administering both vaccines to all persons eligible as soon as possible.

Still, they recommend taking the two different vaccines a few weeks apart. But if you could leave work for only one day, experts recommend getting them at the same time, as long you get clearance from your doctor. However, doing so involves a more monitored environment to watch out for any adverse reactions.

The COVID-19 Vaccine

The injection of the COVID-19 vaccine has been done systematically. Health workers, who are more at risk, are a prioritized audience for the vaccine, of similar importance to people with comorbidities and of old age. This tiering system helps ensure that people who need immune protection the most get that protection. At the same time, the controlled environment allows the health industry to manage the observation of side effects better.

What the Results Are

According to Pfizer’s clinical trials, people who took both said vaccines and were infected only experienced mild symptoms that did not last long. Among those who participated in this trial, five thousand had allergies to any vaccine or its ingredients, and they too experienced only mild symptoms.

Even if you are immunocompromised and pregnant, it does not mean you cannot take the vaccines. However, you must weigh your pros and cons and consult with your doctor first before acquiring one or both vaccines in one go.


For most people, injecting the vaccine can effectively boost their immune system against COVID-19, while the flu vaccine continuously provides an additional layer of protection. Make sure to understand the details about your vaccines. That would help experts monitor your condition more effectively.

If you are looking for a place to get the flu shot in Edmonton, consider Heritage IDA Pharmacy. We offer up-to-date advice and health care knowledge to people. Besides the regular flu shots, we now also administer COVID-19 vaccines. Call us for an eligibility test and click the link on our site to join the waitlist.

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