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4 Effective Ways to Stop Raccoons from Returning at Night

Raccoons are attracted to houses because they can live in any location as long as it meets their needs. They are not picky about their habitats, diets, or the presence of humans, but your property may be a dream come true for these pests because they no longer have to do a great deal of work and survive in the wild once they invade your space.

If you hear rustling sounds near your garbage cans at night, your house may have become a feeding spot of raccoons. While they may seem cute and furry, they can carry diseases and damage your property. In addition, since raccoons are nocturnal animals, they typically look for food at night since this is when they won’t get disturbed or bothered.

If you notice they return every night to your yard, here are some ways to stop them from coming back to your property:


Keep your trash cans covered

Garbage bins are popular among raccoons. To them, inside the trash cans await a delicious feast that appeals to their scavenging senses. Since these pests cannot resist trash, you have to secure your non-locking trash can lids with cinder blocks or bungee cords. When disposing of waste meat items, make sure to use heavy-duty trash bags and double bags to reduce the odour. This way, you can prevent them from being able to rummage through your trash and save you the hassle of cleaning the smelly mess they leave behind.

Remove all food and water sources

Keep all of the food and water sources away from raccoons to encourage them to move on and realize that no resources are available to them on your property. Gather any fallen fruit from trees and never let overripe produce sit on the ground. If you use bird feeders, bring them in at night or place them somewhere that is not accessible to raccoons.


Seek raccoon removal services

You may be tempted to stay up to potentially ambush the raccoons with a broom or attempt to harm them using plant traps. However, this can potentially cause even worse problems and even put you and your loved ones in danger due to their aggressive nature. If all of your tactics failed, the best way to keep these animals away is to ask for help from professionals. Seek pest control services in Toronto if you are in the area to remove them from your property effectively.


Raccoons can cause lots of potential problems, like property damage, diseases, and threat to your loved ones’ and pets’ safety. Once you notice that they come back to your house every night, the best way to deal with them is to follow the tips listed above. You also have the option to hire raccoon removal experts to ensure they will no longer return to your home.

If you need humane raccoon removal in Toronto and surrounding areas, contact ICE Humane Wildlife Removal & Pest Control. Our trained wildlife control technicians can keep those pesky and bothersome creatures away from your property. We also offer pest control, wildlife removal, and inspection services. Contact us to learn more about what we offer!

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